August 2021 Life Update

August 2021 Life Update

August 29, 2021

I haven't been writing that much for these couple of months. I stopped sending monthly updates and I stopped my quantified life report. I felt tired at work so I took some time off by playing video games and watching TV shows. I tried to get back into my writing routines but it seems really hard. This update is my attempt on getting back into writing.

NFT & Crypto

I discovered crypto in 2017 and I bought some coins then I lost my money. It was the end of the crypto bull run and it was pretty bad for me since I did not have enough money when I was in college. I ditched crypto and never look back.

Last year I read about Bitcoin and Crypto then I bought some Bitcoin. The bull run started and I could feel that my money was growing so I bought more. In January I discovered Ethereum and I was pumped. You can build so many things in the Ethereum ecosystem. I loved it so I invested my money in it. ETH was $1000 back then and for the first time in my life, I was not scared of losing my money in Crypto.

At the end of June, I discovered NFT and I bought my first NFT called Rude Boys. It was a digital toy collectible and I love it. To be honest, before this I thought that NFT is dumb and I did not get why people spend money on it. After my first purchase, it starts to snowball. I bought more NFTs and here I am right now living the NFT life every day. It's not just because of the financial gain but it's about the people I met along the way. NFT would be nothing without the community.

Joined Late Checkout

So I decided to resign from my previous job and joined Late Checkout. The first time I talked to them was back in April and it wasn't a good time for me to join them. Then we talked around a month ago and I decided that this is the right time to join them.

I'm excited to join Greg and the team to build the Berkshire Hathaway of Community. Late Checkout is into crypto/web3 also and that is one of the main reasons I am pumped up to join them. I might have not been a crypto OG but right now is the right time to contribute and build something in the space and not just watching on the sideline.

Writing an article about NFT and Status Signaling

I have been interested in status signaling since last year. It's one of the most interesting things I've encountered so I dig deeper into it. Since I joined NFT world I feel like one of the biggest contributors to the space is status signaling. Currently trying to wrap my thoughts around it in an essay. It's far from done but hopefully, I can manage to deliver it asap.

Created a small NFT/Crypto community

I have no experience in building community but I think it's an underrated skill in 2021. Building a community is a core thing especially when you're building a product. I build this small community as a way for myself to learn. You can email me or DM me on Twitter if you want to join!

Making bets with Kalani

So I made some bets with Kalani. One of them is that I need to deliver my monthly newsletter and this is my attempt of not losing to him. The second one is just reading books. Currently, I'm picking The Dark Forest as my main book to read. I love the Three Body Problem and this one is the second book.

Learning Solidity / Web3

Besides enjoying the consumption part of web3 (DeFi and NFTs), I want to build something as a contribution to this space. I have been learning about Solidity and right now I am not confident yet about building something with it. Some part of it is easy to understand but there are new things that are still new to me. Excited about how this process will go!

These are my updates from August. These couple of months has been awesome, with lots of ups and downs but here I am surviving the cycle. Excited for what September brings!

If you want to reach out, my Twitter DM is always open!

Thanks for reading and see you next month!

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