Quantified June 2020

Quantified June 2020

June 30, 2020

🛌 Average sleep time: 6:36h

My sleep schedule is still pretty bad this month.

📱 Daily screen time average: 4:01h

📺 Total media consumption time: 136:20h

TV 21:51

Podcast 3:28

Game 49:55

Audiobook 0:20

Physical Books 4:45

Kindle Books 1:00

🏃🏻‍♂️ Distance ran: 86.27km

I managed to run daily 2 months in a row.

🎤 Top artist

  • Twice (1500 plays)
  • Bigbang (110 plays)
  • Ed Sheeran (95 plays)
  • John Mayer (60 plays)
  • Honne (58 plays)

📚 Books Progress

I did not read too much this month and planning to read more in July.

Antifragile - Nassim Nicholas Taleb


A Guide to The Good Life

📺 TV Show Progress


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 2

👓 Favorite articles

👓 Favorite podcasts

🗒 Favorite quote

“If you don't appreciate something, you won't mind losing it.” - A Guide to the Good Life

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