2020 Goals

2020 Goals

February 26, 2020

I usually write things that I want to achieve for the next year in December. Sometimes I tend to rush it without thinking clearly about it. The goal of sharing my goal is to keep myself accountable. Writing my goals publicly puts pressure on myself, not bad but good pressure.

Without goals you don't know where to go or what to achieve. Goals don't have to be yearly. You can do it quarterly or anything you want. I love to write it yearly but track it quarterly. I usually make adjustment on my goals and reflect on what I have done for the past quarter.

Here are my goals:

Health & Personal:

- Workout at least 3 times/week

Good health is one of the primary things I want to achieve this year. I have been unhealthy for the past couple of years. I didn't exercise regularly and I mostly ate unhealthy food. Realizing that my own future is at risk motivates me. Currently I am exercising regularly. If I did not go to the gym I usually go for a run.

- Spend at least 5 minutes meditating per day

I get angry easily. I don't usually live in a calm state. From the resources that I have read, meditation can improve a lot of things in life and controlling your emotion is one of them.

- Wake up at ~~6AM~~ 5.30AM every day

I wrote 6AM before but currently I wake up at 5.30AM every single day. It has been great for me. I feel like I have more time in the day.

- Cook my own meal

I love to cook and I am currently meal prepping all of my meals. (it is mostly chicken, beef, and salmon with veggies)

- Reduce social media time

I did a detox a year ago and I am currently doing another detox on Instagram.

- Track my life

I am publishing a project inspired by Julian (we have the same name). I am currently using Strava, Apple Watch, and Airtable for everything.


- Save 50% of income per months

I am not that good with money so this goal is really important.

- Stop spending money on things that are not important

Important can differs between each individual. I am trying to buy high quality item right now instead of high quantity.

- Invest

I don't invest that much last year because all of the money that I have earned went to my emergency funds. My main goal is to invest in bonds and stocks.


- Read 2 books per month

I love books but I tend to not finish them lately. This year I want to read more books, not just read but really implement them in my own life. I usually buy physical books. I also bought a kindle earlier this year and I have been subscribed to audible since last year.

- Finish online courses

I bought 2 software engineering course last year and haven't finished them. I also bought a business course and currently halfway there.

- Learn a new language

I can only speak Indonesian and English currently. I really want to learn German this year. Currently I am using Duolingo for learning.


- Visit Japan

I have a plan to visit Japan this year because I heard a lot of good things about Japan.

- Visit US (New York and LA)

I am currently working remotely for a US based company so I really want to see the team in person. Visitting United States has been my childhood dream.


- Visit my family once a month

I live outside of my hometown. I can totally achieve this goal because I am working remotely right now.

- Spend more quality time with my girlfriend

We usually meet once a week and I want to make sure that we spend it well.

I will add more along the way and I am planning to do a quarterly review on my own goals. Would love to know your own personal goals. You can email me!

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