2019 Year in Review

2019 Year in Review

December 31, 2019

This is my yearly recap like the year before. I can say that this year is my favorite year of all time. There are a lot of unexpected things that happened this year and I am grateful for it.

1. I Started Working Remotely

Working remotely has been one of my biggest goals. I don't really love to work in an office with fixed schedule. I had the opportunity to join a US based company in September and I took it. It has been my greatest decision this year! By working remotely I can do many things outside of work and it is the most amazing thing about remote working. I wrote about it in a seperate blog post.

2. I lost 5 kg

I put a goal to lose 1 kg a month and at the end of the year I only manage to lose 5kg in total. I am not disappointed about it, in fact I am happy that I finally lose some weight. I failed for so many years because of my eating habit. This year I lost some weight by doing intermittent fasting, eating salad (I don't really like salad), and carbs diet. I am planning to lose another 7kg and gain some muscle too in 2020. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻.

3. I saved up some money

I am not that good with money. Once my income increase I tend to reward myself by buying stuffs or upgrading some of my older stuffs. In the middle of the year I read I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramith Sethi and it changed my life. I managed to save up more money by making a spending plan each month. I also tracked all of my spendings by using Spendee. Subscribing to their pro version turns out to be a great investment for me.

4. I failed my workout routine

I planned to work out 3 times a week. I managed to do that routine for 6 months and I stopped. The reason why I stopped is because I got busy and working out is not a priority for me and I got stressed out in the middle of the year and it made me lazy and went back to my unhealthy routine. I know that working out is important and somehow I still didn't prioritize it. Being healthy is my top 3 goals next year and I will have to start small to redbuild the habit.

5. I rebuilt my website

I have rebuilt my website for a couple times. I had this plan in mind for a really long time but I did not really have the time to do the rebuild. I finally finished my personal website this November and I am happy about the end result. There are still some things to improve and I should find time to do the improvements.

6. I rebuilt my wardrobe

I used to love graphic t-shirts and this year I made a decision to ditch all of them. I went for a more minimal clothing like plain t-shirt, plain oxford buttoned down, and plain polo shirt. It feels really good to wear them and it makes me stop spending a lot of money on those expensive piece of clothing. You can get a plain t-shirt for $10 at Uniqlo with a decent quality!

7. I launched a newsletter

I am inspired by my good friend Micah to launch my own newsletter. My main goal is to develop my writing skills. I am planning to write at least once a week for this newsletter for 2020.

8. I stopped podcasting

I built my own podcast earlier this year. I talked to many amazing people on my podcast and I loved it. I stopped because I have some problems at that time and then I lost the momentum of building the podcast. I don't know what will be the future of the podcast, I might continue building it or I might build a new one. Nothing is certain until now 😕.

9. I did not read 24 books

I planned to read 2 books per month or 24 books a year for 2019. I was confident that I can achieve this goal easily. But, I failed. The reason why is that I reread most of the books that I have finished in 2019. I can go through the book 2-3 times because I need to digest more from the books. I think it is okay to read less in a year, the thing that matters is that you apply what you have learned from the books.

I think these are all I have in mind for now. I have been preparing for 2020 since the start of December. I have a lot of things to do and achieve this year. But the 3 main focus are : financial, health, and mindset. I hope that you all have a great 2019 and 2020 ahead. If you have any feedback, comments, or things to share feel free to message me on Instagram or Twitter. Talk to you soon and happy new year!

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